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  • Which country is better to migrate to?

    International Standards will always give great exposure in the career so we will guide based on the profile.

  • How can I get a student visa?

    Student Visa which allows you to study in a reputed International University, so we need admission for the desired course to fulfill the dreams.

  • Which are the visas you provide?

    Eduzone Visa Company will assist with the different types of Visas based on the profile for ex: Study, Settle, Visit etc...

  • How many hours I can work on a student visa?

    Yes, An International Student can be able to work officially 20 hrs per week in any country.

  • How many semesters do we have?

    Every Year has 2 semesters, so based on the course it will be varied how many semesters the program could be.

  • What is the English proficiency exam?

    India is a nonspeaking English Country so, we need to prove to them we can be able to speak, read, listen, write in English. That's why we need write exams like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, Duolingo.

  • Does GRE required for every student who is applying for the USA?

    GRE is not required for every profile this will be optional depending on the course and University it will be decided.

  • What is a good IELTS score?

    6.5 Overall and 6.0 Bands in each Section.

  • Why choose TOEFL over other exams? (AVAILABLE)

    Nothing like that You Can Write any English proficiency Exam.

  • What are the documents required for a student visa

    If you are planning for Graduation Course then you must have Degree Completed and Recommendations and English Proficiency.

Special Issues & Common Forms

  • What is the last date for university admission?

    Depending on the country it will be varied.

  • How many intakes do we have for student visas?

    Usually, we have major intakes 3, Fall, Spring, Summer.

  • Do I get scholarships?

    Yes, you can avail of Scholarships if are apply earlier with a Good Profile.

  • Where I can find more information about student visas (available)?

    Eduzone Visa Company

  • How long does PR application take?

    You must have skilled Experience with minimum Graduation and English Proficiency.

  • What are the documents required for pr visa?

    Our Team will give complete Assistance in the Documentation part based on the profile.

  • What are the eligibility points for pr visa?

    67/100 is the Basic Eligible criteria.

  • What is PNP visa process?

    PNP Means Provincial Nomination Program here individual Provinces will hire the candidates from Other countries.

  • Which countries we are offering work permit/job seeker/tourist/visit visas?

    We can assist with Visit/tourist/Schengen Visas for any Countries based on the requirement, Job Seeker can be possible for Germany, Work Permits Based on the profile will assist.

  • How many services do you provide for PR?

    Eduzone will offer 5 different Services for every profile of those who started the process with us.

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