About Us:

Just over a year ago, we have fascinated by the idea of discovering the opportunities worldwide.

What if you could see through as legal immigrant like as a permanent resident holder, we are very sure that there are many opportunities you can find for your profile. It may sound good but we need to build a proper way to reach the destiny.

While there are many ways to reach the interested destination to be settle but we should not prefer a wrong way why because Eduzone will always no to illegal immigration and yes to legal immigration. Here we are ready to help you in all ways to reach your destination place, can also access all the benefits as legal immigrant.

When you realize there is no better way to experience a place right now, than reach us we are here to provide legal immigration process. A visit abroad may be worth of thousand words but living in the developed countries is a standard of life style and bright future for your kids and family.

Who we are?

At your initial consultation our team of professional career consultant check your profile and suggest the better possibilities.
Using the information provided by the client our team will be explain in detail how your profile is eligible for particular service and place.
As we are the best overseas immigration consultants in India. We are very promised organization to give you quality of service in immigration visa processing.

Ravi kumar Gajula who is Chief executive officer of Eduzone.

Areas of Expertise:

Worked as Immigration adviser and processing manager and Business development manager with various international standard companies for more than 8 years. Happily can say among all these years there is very good track record for the handled profiles.